Karl "Kalle" Johansson

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Was it always obvious your career would take the music part instead of any other profession?

Ever since I saw my fathers band Hammerfall at the age of 6 years I knew this is what I wanted. In my whole life I've dreamed about making a living from music - so there was no other way for me.

Besides your music projects - what do you do for a living?

At the moment I have not so much to do. I do odd jobs here and there. I can't live of the music right now but I hope that maybe I can in the future. It's my true dream.

Do you listen to your own music on a daily basis?

Both - yes and no. I mostly listen to our own music when it's in working progress - just to come up with new ideas.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get a lot of inspiration from bands I love and from my own personal thoughts. When I write songs I try to create songs which is my own favourite mix of genres.

Singing or playing an instrument - what do you prefer?

It depends on the music for me. I love both equally.

Does the music you create for Gothtanica/Sorrowmantica influence the music of Tungsten?

Both yes and no. The music in Gothtanica/Sorrowmantica is pure me. But I try to do a little bit of the same sounds in Tungsten - but not too gothic. It's mostly the industrial part that comes into play in the Tungsten sound.

What kind of music do you listen to in your free time?

At the moment I listen to very hard, heavy and dark music such as Brand of Sacrifice, Black Tongue, Lorna Shore and Humanity's Last Breath. But I always come back to Rammstein and Pain.

What is your favorite dinner or snack?

My favorite dinner is a thing called Taco pie or Sushi. And my favorite snack is Swedish cheetos called "Ostbågar". Cheese arcs.

If you should recommend any artist that isn't a metal or rock artist, who would you pick?

I would choose the German Blutengel - a really great artist who does vampiric modern electro music that's inspired from the 80s synth music.

Do you own any pets?

Yes! I have 3 aquariums.

Where do you think your life has taken you in about 5 years from now?

Hopefully that I have my own house and that I can  make a living from my music.
Interview Credits - Patrick Reos (for Tungsten Fans WorldWide + Gothtanica Fans WorldWide)