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First TFW Meeting with Tungsten

At Blast of Eternity in Neckarsulm the TFW Admins, TFW group members and the Band members met each other for the first time. After the show, everyone met up for a few drinks at a nearby pub.

How did TFW come to life?

A Brief interview with Patrick Reos - founder of Tungsten Fans WorldWide.

What was your motivation to start TFW?

I'm a huge fan of Anders Johansson and by following him on social media I found out about Tungsten. When the second album (Tundra) dropped, I started looking for fan pages on Facebook - but could not find any. So I decided to start one. I wanted to express my love and appreciation for the music Tungsten made and find people who shared this with me.

How much work is it to keep the community you built alive and updated?

That depends. I spend around 45 minutes every day looking on the internet for new articles about Tungsten and creating posts for the next day on social media. Throughout the day I keep an eye out to what is being posted and to make sure everybody "plays nicely". When Tungsten has a gig or something, it can take most of the day though.

How much do the influences from Tungsten's music mean to your everyday life?

A big one! I met a boatload of new people who share the love for the music Tungsten makes. Not a day goes by that I don't listen to Tungsten. Next to that I spend time every day at the Fan group. But the most important thing for me is - because of Tungsten I made new friends for life.

Besides of TFW - do you have other projects in the Metal Community?

I 'm the owner of Maizter Underground . A news / reviews website focusing on lesser known artists, bands and musicians. Next to that I write articles and do interviews for Belgian Metalfans.be. Last but not least I run several other fanpages  (anm.: Kalles second music project Gothtanica for example) and groups on social media for lesser known bands.

What are your future plans with TFW?

I want to keep it going like this. Tungsten is gaining momentum and TFW follows in it's slipstream. It grows nicely and more and more people share our love for the music Tungsten is giving us. Of course it would be nice to grow even more because that means Tungsten grows. The main plan was - and always will be - to hopefully create a platform where Tungsten Fans can enjoy fantastic music, have a laugh and meet new people.

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